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Water for After Effects 1.03

     Category: Graphics & Multimedia / Video Editing

Description of
Water for After Effects
The Water plug-in for Adobe After Effects helps to art up your image with the breath-taking water effects such as streaming water and more. You can create effects that are extremely realistic as well as amazingly beautiful effects that you will not see in real life. Creating of various water transitions with this plug-in becomes easy and exciting. All modules of the set allow you to adjust a great number of parameters. Water motion and behavior as well as its optical properties and water illumination can all be adjusted. You can imitate not only transparent clean water but other liquids like juices, milk, other drinks and more. The Water is unique and powerful set designed to help you to create the extraordinary effects. This is a set of additional modules for Adobe After Effects. Each module is a great tool that you can use to create the specific water effects with a large range of adjustable parameters. The set contains six modules: Water Throw - lets you create a streaming water jet and adjust its motion and properties. Water Filling OCo imitates a water being poured into a container. You can adjust the water jet in the process of filling and water behavior when the container is already filled. Water Transfusion - this effect lets you obtain a fascinating transition between two video segments - one image is being "poured" on top of another. Water Maelstrom - is a transition effect of a whirlpool. Water Utopia OCo is a transition effect of an image swept away with a powerful water wave. You can choose the water direction and adjust water parameters. Water Transvaal - is a transition effect of an image "broken apart" as drops.
Water for After Effects
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Author: AlphaPlugins
License: Shareware
Price: $80
File Size: 1.9 MB
Downloads: 6

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